Heel replacement O sole mio

Heel replacement is possible for footwear produced using the so-called “Strobel” technique, in other words, footwear from the ALL TERRAIN CLASSIC and ALL TERRAIN SPORT lines. “Strobel” is a shoe­making technique in which the non-woven insole is sewn on to the upper using the Strobel stitch, thus forming a solid unit. The outsole is then sprayed on. The heel of this sprayed on sole can be sanded down and a new standard outdoor heel glued on in its place. A complete sole replacement is not possible with this footwear design, since a sprayed-on sole cannot be removed without damaging the upper.


“Many people wear their shoes down on the heel. Heel replacement for leisure and light hiking footwear can signi­ficantly extend their service life – and at a fair price.”

Arthur | LOWA Manager Service Department

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