Heel lining repair Stay on the heels

The heel lining is one of the parts of a shoe that are subject to the most stress. Even with quality materials, chafing and signs of wear can of course still occur. The heel lining for leather and GORE-TEX footwear can be repaired without any difficulty at our service workshop. Just because the heel lining is frayed doesn’t mean the entire shoe needs to be replaced. We remove the worn lining material – whether it’s leather of GORE-TEX lining – and replace it with a new piece cut to size.

Bildauswahl Sarntaler Hufeisen Alix von Melle

“When the heel lining’s worn out after many kilo­metres, but the footwear is still in good shape, then a lining repair is worth its weight in gold.”

Alix von Melle | LOWA PRO Team

Which parts of my shoe can be repaired?

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